• Tải Xero -CM12.1/12 Theme APK Full cho Android
  • Tải Xero -CM12.1/12 Theme APK Full cho Android

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Xero -CM12.1 12 Theme

Xero has been themed so perfectly it changes the look of your phone and give u a cutting edge dark look with a tone of blue.
Please make sure you are on latest version of CM12/12.1 build before installing the app. This theme will only work with CM theme engine.

What’s Themed:

– Setings
– Dialer
– Contacts
– Calculator
– Launcher Trebuchet
– SystemUI.
– Lockscreen
– Notifications
– Dialogs
– Fonts
– Alarms
– Notifications
– Ringtone
– CM File Manager
– Aosp Keyboard
– System Wide Navigation Bar
– Wallpapers
– Quick Settings
– Cyanogenmod Music
– Cyanogenmod Theme Manager
– Icons
– Google Apps
– Many More


Install the theme and feel it yourself. Your phone has been reborn. It has been minded already to provide you the best out of your phone. It simply elegant.
It supports upto multiple resolution devices.

What’s New:

  • Themed CyanogenMod Eleven ( Music )
  • Fixed Un-Themed Icons In Settings
  • Added New Icons in settings to support various custom roms like blisspop, resurection, etc
  • New Fonts.
  • New Icon for theme

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